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Oliver Rose Designs

Olive Juice Luxury Kids Sweater combo, size XL (10-12)

Olive Juice Luxury Kids Sweater combo, size XL (10-12)

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Beautiful Olive Juice sweater combo

Yellow Cardigan sweater, 100% cotton. Small stain on front, pictured. Size XL (10-12)

Beige cardigan with coloured accents. 100% cotton. Size XL (10-12)

In very good condition. One owner. Washed and ready for use.

About Olive Juice;

We strive to cultivate an appreciation for exceptional design and craftsmanship, as well as inspire girls to put their best foot forward with a distinctive style. All of our clothes and accessories are designed for girls to express their own individuality and creative uniqueness. Our pieces are equal parts vintage nostalgia, modern whimsy, and understated beauty, which allows you to mix and match for a timeless look that will stand apart from the crowd.

Not only are our garments designed to be age appropriate, they are also made to last. We use natural fabrics that can be machine washed whenever possible. Every piece is expertly crafted, with special attention to detail. Our dresses and skirts are fully lined, an earmark of quality. Each garment is created to be lived in, beautifully and comfortably, but they’re also classic styles of heirloom quality intended to be cherished and passed down.
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